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Powder coatings are only a part of what we provide to our customers. We partner through service and support to ensure the best products and the most effective possible application. Our expertise is used to give our customers the most efficient and cost-effective results.

Each of our employees from the sales department has the necessary knowledge and equipment to provide technical support on the client’s site.

This means that we are trying to help not only in the supply aspect, but also in the optimization of your workflow. Using special equipment, our engineers measure your paint to determine how effective your work with coatings is.

The choice is yours – you can compare the results of your paint with the results of our coatings and choose the best, or just work on eliminating the problems relevant to your production.

We fulfill the following tests:

  • Paint layer thickness
  • Gloss and color of a covering
  • Adhesion level
  • Level of dispersion of paint
  • Flexural strength of paint
  • The reaction of paint to squeezing
  • Compliance of the furnace temperature regime with standards, etc.

Such a procedure is always useful: it allows you to eliminate possible errors in the operation of your system in order to achieve a more even, aesthetic and durable coating. Even if it seems to you that your production has no problems with coloring and your paint gives the best possible result, this can always be ascertained with the help of our measuring instruments.

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