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Our assortment includes a wide range of innovations to meet the specific demands of the automotive market.

The automotive market is the gold standard for high-quality appearance and long-lasting corrosion protection. In addition, the coating must be tough enough to withstand the routine impact and abrasion associated with driving.

Refined formulations meet the application and coverage goals and are are highly protective of the environment. They do not contain solvents and release only a minute quantity of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

Vehicles’ coatings are challenged in multiple ways and need protection against the extreme temperatures, rain, snow, UV-light, machine oil, abrasive wear and tear. We offer supreme corrosion protection that covers all parts of the vehicles starting from wheel rims and bumpers up to windows and roof railings.

Application examples

  • Wheels
  • Components & parts
  • Bicycles
  • Parts for bicycles
  • Motorbike parts
  • Motor sport
  • Components for motorbike