A Workshop For Primatek Employees By Rodger Talbert

Being new on the market is not easy anyway. That’s why we draw a lot of attention to our employees’ lead-up. The workshop Rodger Talbert held for our Team was an important part of this training.

Rodger Talbert is a top-level consultant with an over 40 years experience in liquid and powder coatings. His main specialization is designing and improving coating systems and process. His work experience includes complete system concepts for large and small companies such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Steelcase, the US Navy and many others.

During the workshop, the participants discussed many relevant and useful topics concerning colors and working with them.

Q&A seminar programm:

  1. Cleaning process
  2. Rinsing
  3. Powder gun adjustments and control
  4. Spray wash process
  5. Recovery systems
  6. Cyclone recovery system
  7. Back ionization
  8. Troubleshooting 

Also, workshop included some practical tasks and joint work experience, so it can rightfully be named full-fledged and productive.

This event once again proved that Primatek works for providing its customers with the most relevant and demanded training and consulting, so this workshop for sure wasn’t the last we’ve had and it has only laid the foundation for a series of productive pieces of training.

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