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For Architectural Application

Primatek durable coatings provide an optimal combination of corrosion protection and decorative appearance.

Working with architecture is about trust. Given the long life of the building, the coating should have the most consistent color, gloss and corrosion protection characteristics.

At Primatek, we carefully select environmentally friendly raw materials, use only well-thought-out recipes and rely on modern equipment for production processes. Only this is the way to get a completely satisfactory result for the client.

Architectural coatings are also about design requirements and current trends. We are constantly working on updating the assortment and are ready to consider the creation of any sized batches in order to fully meet your expectations.

Color shades

  • RAL color palette
  • Special shades on request
  • Gloss, texture and color can be chosen by agreement with the customer

Primecoat 77

Bonded metallic

BONDALUX™ — original premium coating solution

  • Bicycles
  • Building metal structures
  • Accessories
  • Agricultural machinery, transport elements
  • Auto parts Garden and sports equipment

Primecoat 29

Polyester, various finish types
  • Metal parts of building facades
  • Steel constructions
  • Automotive parts
  • Marine equipment
  • Aviation construction components

Primecoat 59

Various finish types
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Automotive parts
  • Gardening tools
  • Sports inventory