Quality assurance

Quality lasts when we put it first. Every day in Primatek, we are relentlessly working to improve our processes, products and competences to be best in class in our industry. Equally important is the spirit of true commitment to quality excellence, having a customer-focused approach at heart and a continuous improvement mindset. This is where you as our supplier and business partner come into the picture. We expect and encourage you to adopt the same principles, practices and mindset. Both today, with your unbeatable knowledge of well-known technologies, and your competitive curiosity for tomorrow’s innovations. Quality lies in everything we do. You are selected to deliver the right products and/or services in terms of Quality, Delivery, Cost, Features, Technology, Sustainability, and Risk Management. But it is beyond all checklists that we can truly create value for Primatek and be capable of delivering exceptional performance for our customers – now and in the future
All raw materials sourced for use in our manufacturing plants are purchased only from approved suppliers. Suppliers must have sample material tested for contaminants and evaluated in our process prior to being approved. Supplier Quality then coordinates periodic testing of all raw materials for potential contaminants identified in the risk assessment process. Samples of all materials with identified potential contaminants are submitted to approved third party laboratories and tested. The results are reviewed with our Product Safety group.

Coating thickness measurement

By performing regular preventive measurements with a curing-oven recorder, we aim to calibrate the curing oven, detect and remedy any weak points in the oven, and identify any creeping temperature drift (risk of insufficient or excessive cross-linking). Flat rate incl. round trip (by car) and test set-up.

Pre-treatment: adhesion to substrate

Proper and correct pre-treatment, as required by the substrate in question, is a crucial precondition for adhesion of the powder-coating. Correct pre-treatment is assured by cross-cut testing on the substrate (as a rapid in-situ test), and by salt spray testing and testing under tropical conditions in the Primatek Lab.

Handling & transport

Another factor influencing the quality of a powder-coating, particularly over a prolonged period, is proper storage and correct handling during in-factory transit. Temperature-sensitive powder coatings require different, more careful storage and handling from standard products. We can accompany you on an inspection tour of your facility to identify potential improvements.

Reduction of surface-related rejects, and process optimisations

We take the time to gain a thorough understanding of the specific issues relating to your surface finishing process. On this foundation, we then join with you to develop a custom coating solution with the aim of making a lasting reduction in your reject rate. We achieve this with e.g. changes in the substrate, new product characteristics, modifying the curing duration or temperature, or – ideally – by eliminating the need for an entire process-step.

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