Making the everyday more radiant

At Primatek we help to set up the powder coating process in a way that works best for our clients. We work across industries, from architecture to transportation, from tools to furniture, to create long-lasting radiance and better-looking everyday.

Driving metallics


Primecoat series 77

Adding value
through every step

We are able to deliver superior powder coating by adding value in every step of the engineering and manufacturing process, from initial product formulation through to production.

Client support

Primatek powder coating products are only a part of what we provide to our customers.

Job Coaters

700+ articles are always in stock on our warehouse.

Quality Control

Primatek pays maximum attention to compliance with all standards relating to the safety of production processes.

Primatek Powder Coatings

Primatek develops, manufactures and sells a wide selection of powder coatings around Europe.

A fine coating of a product is a must for consumer appeal and durable performance. Powder coating ensures a lead-free and virtually VOCs-free appliance. Such an exceptional environmental advantage gives a start to many edges of particular importance.

Apart from being an environmental win, the powder is also very economical. Even its single-coat applying still performs better than many traditional organic paints. It saves energy during the application and curing process when compared to the solvent containing paints. It does not present the same issues for disposal associated with the by-products and waste of some coatings, and it is easier to apply than many of the market alternatives.

Primatek is bringing a unique approach to the powder coating market to elevate these advantages even further. Focusing squarely on our customers’ needs, we have created a superior group of powder coating products that exceed the average.

In addition to bringing excellent powder products to the market, we are dedicated to service that contributes to your success by getting the order to your door quickly and right on time. Even if our usual rapid and reliable delivery is not sufficient for the demands of your operation, we are always ready to meet you half-way by setting up a dedicated line for your power in your plant.

This exceptional product, quality and service allow us to provide the marketplace with powder coatings that are environmentally sound, economical to apply, provide optimal performance and offer a sustainable alternative to many other coating systems. A tough coating at a fair price that is more consistent and easier to apply is what we are committed to providing every one of our customers.

What is a way for a powder material to offer a great look, an impressive performance and a fair cost per applied square meter? Primatek uses high-quality materials that provide exceptional coverage (square meters per kilogram) with excellent result.

The pigments that we add are focused on good hiding characteristics and resistance to impact and corrosion. Flow additives and cross-linkers work for stability and reliability. The result is a powder material that has exactly the appearance and performance outlined in the Technical Data Sheet with low specific gravity and consistent, predictable application characteristics.


We provide solutions across industries for long-lasting radiance

Job Coaters

We are is the optimum partner for job coaters because we have our own logistics.

Architecture & Construction

Primatek products are well-fitting for the aluminium components covering.

Equipment & Tools

Our coatings are the perfect choice for this area due to mar, scratch and impact resistance.

Auto & Transportation

Our products meet the specific demands of the automotive market, such as high resistance to external factors and eco-safety.

Industrial design

Primatek’s durable powder coatings are resistant to chipping, flaking, solvents, corrosives, general wear and tear.

Interior design & Furniture

Powder coatings can be used to create spectacular effects like leather, silk, chameleon, chrome, antique and anodization.


For Architectural Application

Primatek products are well-suited for protection and decoration of a wide range of aluminium components.

For Exterior Application

A wide range of Primatek coatings perfectly suits for external usage due to special resistance and durability characteristics.

For Interior Application

Our coatings have great versatility for application to interior metal products that require endurance and an attractive finish.


Popular due to the bright and attractive look they add to a manufactured product.

For Special Effects

Powder coatings create a more vibrant finish that lasts longer than traditional wet paint.

For Corrosion Protection

The double-ply coating system is used to protect metal surfaces and structures from exposure to sunlight and high humidity.


PaintExpo in Karlsruhe – October 12-15.2020


PaintExpo in Karlsruhe – October 12-15.2020


New Warehouse In Tallinn
New Warehouse In Tallinn
A Workshop For Primatek Employees By Rodger Talbert


A Workshop For Primatek Employees By Rodger Talbert

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