Be part of a company

We offer challenging tasks in all working areas for which we are looking for new ideas and active team members. Team work is not an empty phrase for us: we share common values and work as a single organism to fulfill the customers’ needs with as much satisfaction from our joint coherent work as possible. For you as a newbie, joining Primatek is going to be captivating, catching, full of possibilities and sincere support.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!


  • We treat people with dignity and respect
  • We believe that friendship is an opportunity to learn, mature and open up to life


  • We achieve more together
  • We do our best at all time
  • We are fast & effective

Customer focus

  • We try to exceed customers’ expectations
  • We deliver high-quality products
  • We solve our customer’s problems


  • We are changing all the time
  • We are pro-science
  • We believe good is never enough

Working for Primatek, you can be sure that:

  • You work in a modern company with a team of professionals
  • Your opinion, professionalism and experience are respected
  • Your comfort in the workplace is taken care of in all respects
  • You can plan your future and develop with the company
  • Your work is fully appreciated as you help to create the real thing

Reasons to join us

Our corporate policy is based on valuing our people. We have a passion for excellence and want you to share it with us. We are not afraid of learning from our mistakes and always keep on improving to give our customers a service that is highly agile, personalized and affordable, regardless of their size.

Keep the well-shaped society for the next generation

In our industry, we have the chance and power to influence the society we live in. We do it by producing goods daily touched by thousands of people – professionals and ordinary ones. Join us for taking this chance and make a real change.

Work with the latest technologies

Global standards are not an empty phrase for us. We follow our purpose and move forward permanently, supporting each other to make the product we work for decent and worth of proud.

Be cared for and listened to

Support and respect are what you will find at Primatek. Our inclusive culture is transparent to let each of us do their best. No matter what post you take, don’t ever hesitate that your voice is to be heard and your ideas matter.

Design your own career

We invite you to develop with us. Counties, products, professions — you will be able to move across them with our full trust for challenging assignments. It doesn’t mean you will have to deal with everything on your own — on the contrary, we are going to support you by our corporate training program. Set your goal and we will help you to reach it!

Get rewarded for your contribution

We stand for a fair compensation approach to show the company’s gratitude for your labour. That is why we offer you a competitive base salary with all the chances to boost through being diligent and passionate about our joint work.

Your employment with Primatek offers
much more than just a paycheck.
It is also opportunities, personal growth and the true satisfaction of being a part of the Team.

Training center

We at Primatek consider training of hard and soft skills in the science of powder coating to be extremely important for our organization. We are sure that the return on investment from training our employees and partners is of no doubt certain to provide better service for our customers. Competent employees are a real asset of to the organization and the main driving force of our company on the way to our goals.

„Let’s grow together“ — this is the moto of our training center. We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Team Training A

Much attention is paid to the development of technical knowledge using all available sources: our own production, the training center, third-party production sites, help of external consultants and internal specialists.

We have a rich library of technical literature, online webinars collection and our own published manuals of various levels for different categories of personnel.

Team Training B

An important role is given to the development of our employees in terms of competencies. There are multi-level programs in sales and management skills, as well as special classes in corporate culture and team building.

We apply various teaching methods, including mentoring and personal development programs.

What we are looking for

The Primatek culture encourages good working relationships, innovation, customer focus and continuous improvement.

Responsible behaviour towards people and the environment is firmly anchored in the future-oriented corporate policy. This is also one of the reasons why personal support is very important to us: we are happy to develop new, pioneering solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

  • Agile
  • Hard-working
  • Ambitious