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Primatek Coatings OÜ is a modern manufacturer producing powder coatings. Our main aim is creating up-to-date products and service following all the customer’s expectations from quality to price.

Primatek Coatings OÜ stands for permanent improvement and pro-scientific approach.

Focusing squarely on our customer’s needs, we have created a fine group of powder coating products that exceed the average.

Service that contributes to your success

In addition to bringing powder products to the market, we are dedicated to service that contributes to your success by getting the order to your door quickly and right on time. Even if our usual rapid and reliable delivery is not sufficient for the demands of your operation, we are always ready to meet you half-way by setting up a dedicated line for your power in your plant.

At Primatek we help to set up the coating process in a way that works best for our clients.

A tough coating at a fair price

This exceptional product, quality and service allow us to provide the marketplace with powder coatings that are environmentally sound, economical to apply, provide optimal performance and offer a sustainable alternative to many other coating systems.

A tough coating at a fair price that is more consistent and easier to apply is what we are committed to providing every one of our customers.

Individual approach and custom-making

Even if the needed color or finish is not part of our stock, it will be custom-made for you. We work across all industries, from architecture to transportation, from tools to furniture, to create a long-lasting, high-performance finish with excellent appearance.

Our values

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Cost-effective products

We target the best possible value per applied square meter


Our formulations provide high performance technology

Agile & lean

Our service is fully customized with dependable, rapid delivery

Our practices

Quality and control

We apply a comprehensive quality control system at every stage of the production process. We comply with ISO 9001 QMS.

Joint solutions

We work with our customers to identify technical requirements and to test specifically developed samples to maintain high-quality throughout.

First-class work environment

We provide a professional, safe, and enjoyable work environment for our employees. That is why our team is friendly and effective for the benefit of our partners and customers.

Planet Care

We provide Environment Product Declarations (EPD) and registered documents about the lifecycle environmental impact of our coatings, under ISO 14025.

Our business

We are producing powder coatings for industrial needs. Powder coating is a superior finish hundreds of products you come in daily contact have. It makes products durable, attractive, scratch-resistant and long-lasting, giving better result for less money. Powder coating is a high-quality finish which is environmentally friendly.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide customers with outstanding value through quality products at affordable prices.



Our size is our edge

It allows us to adapt and react to our business environment with agility. We are quick to adjust our products and service systems to our customers’ needs. We invest in the connection with our customers and take pride in providing a highly tailored fast service at an affordable price, regardless of the size of the order. We are the lean team.


We are what we know, we are pro-science.

Our quest is to innovate and share in an agile mode in close collaboration with our customers. We invest in fact-based know-edged – our search for the outstanding quality of information drives us forward.

Solid sparks

We believe in the Nordic wisdom of actions speaking louder than words.

When we form a connection with our customers it’s not about a friendly exchange, it’s about forming a true friendship. On the sound and solid foundations of our actions. We are energized by the thousands of acts and exchanges friendships, translated into sparkling colors for the world over. In a responsible manner.

Benefits of Powder Coating

There are many benefits of using Powder Coating technology versus other conventional coating methods. These benefits are:


Powder Coating reduces operational costs due to the fact that it can be recycled & reused.


Powder Coating technology is inherently eco with zero lead and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels.


Powder Coating technology provides excellent corrosion and UV-protection.

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