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Architecture & Construction

Primatek Coatings offers a wide range of solutions for the construction industry.

Durable powder coatings of Primatek provide an optimal combination of corrosion protection and decorative appearance. It is the perfect finish for external applications where UV-stability and weather resistance are essential. With durable Primatek powder coatings, all types of surfaces will be protected from the damaging effects of moisture and corrosion that are a normal occurrence in an outdoor environment. They will serve you for many years with minimal loss of gloss and excellent color retention.

Our products underline the harmony of architecture, while improving the durability of any building detail, enhancing and protecting the valuable look of the product.

Application examples

  • Facade profile
  • Facade fences and blinds Windows & doors
  • Fences
  • Signs, street advertisement
  • Outdoor fitness parks
  • Garage doors
  • Winter gardens, verandas