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Easy to apply and long to wear metallic effect.

Metallic powder coatings worth attention due to the bright and attractive look they add to a surface. They are made of aluminium flake or mica pigmentation added to the powder formula.

Our special pride is BONDALUX™ — powder coating with the perfect metallic effect produced via bonding method.

During the bonding, the metal flake finely mixes with the organic powder, which makes the appliance using electrostatic methods easy, ensures predictable appearance properties and makes it easier reclaimed than other metal flake powders.

Color shades

    • RAL color palette
    • Special shades on request
    • Gloss, texture and color can be chosen by agreement with the customer

Primecoat 77

Bonded metallic

BONDALUX™ — original premium coating solution

  • Bicycles
  • Building metal structures
  • Accessories
  • Agricultural machinery, transport elements
  • Auto parts
  • Garden and sports equipment

Primecoat 97

Blended metallic, various finish types
  • Metal parts of building facades
  • Steel constructions
  • Automotive parts
  • Marine equipment
  • Aviation construction components