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Our powder coatings solutions

We are to help not only in the supply aspect, but also in the optimization of your workflow. Using special equipment, our engineers test your coatings to determine how effective your work with them is.

The choice is yours — you can compare your results with the results of our coatings and choose the best, or just work on eliminating the issues relevant to your production.

Such a procedure allows achieving a more even, aesthetic and durable coating. Even if it seems that the production has no problems with coloring and the coating gives the best possible result, it can always be ascertained with the help of professional instruments.

The tests available:

  • Film thickness
  • Finished film gloss and color
  • Adhesion level
  • Level of dispersion
  • Flexibility of coating
  • The reaction on impact
  • Confirmation of full cure cycle as recommended, etc.

Quality & Safety

Primatek pays maximum attention to compliance with all standards relating to the safety of production processes.

Quality lasts when we put it first.

Every day at Primatek, we are relentlessly working to improve our processes, products and competences to be best in class in our industry. Equally important is the spirit of true commitment to quality excellence, having a customer-focused approach at heart and a continuous improvement mindset. This is where you as our supplier and business partner come into the picture. We expect and encourage you to adopt the same principles, practices and vibes.

Monitoring is carried out continuously, from the moment of receiving the raw materials until the release of the finished product. Every tenth box is to be obligatorily tested for compliance with the standard, and this truly allows us to be fully responsible for the quality of the product.

Quality control includes three stages:

  • Raw material control
  • Control of production processes
  • Ready-made product control

Primatek is certified to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

Quality assurance

All raw materials sourced for use in our manufacturing plants are purchased only from approved suppliers. Sample material is tested for contaminants and evaluated in our process prior to being approved. Samples of all materials with identified potential contaminants are submitted to approved third party laboratories and tested. The results are reviewed with our Product Safety group.

Application Technology

Pro-scientific approach to workflow for perfect results.

The technology of powder coating is environmentally friendly, economical and does without smudges and streaks unlike liquid paints.

Powder coatings are compositions made up of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers mixed with pigments. In addition, the composition of powder coating contains hardeners and substances that accelerate the curing process.

The dispersion composition is different — the size of the particles is different, and the spread here is very significant: from 5 to 350 microns. The size is chosen depending on the method of application. Powder is to be sprayed on a previously prepared cleaned metal surface.

Powder particles are carried by an electric field. Charge is transferred to particles from an external source, and they are attracted to a surface that has the opposite charge. Powder that does not fall on the product is trapped in the chamber and can be reused. After that, the powder-coated metal is sent to the polymerization chamber for baking.

The result is always a monolithic layer of high-quality coating.

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