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Application Technology

The technology of powder coating is environmentally friendly, economical and does without smudges and streaks unlike liquid paints.

Powder coatings are compositions made up of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers mixed with pigments. In addition, the composition of powder coating contains hardeners and substances that accelerate the curing process.

The dispersion composition is different — the size of the particles is different, and the spread here is very significant: from 5 to 350 microns. The size is chosen depending on the method of application. Powder is to be sprayed on a previously prepared cleaned metal surface.

Powder particles are carried by an electric field. Charge is transferred to particles from an external source, and they are attracted to a surface that has the opposite charge. Powder that does not fall on the product is trapped in the chamber and can be reused. After that, the powder-coated metal is sent to the polymerization chamber for baking.

The result is always a monolithic layer of high-quality coating.