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Client Support

Our powder coatings solutions

We are to help not only in the supply aspect, but also in the optimization of your workflow. Using special equipment, our engineers test your coatings to determine how effective your work with them is.

The choice is yours — you can compare your results with the results of our coatings and choose the best, or just work on eliminating the issues relevant to your production.

Such a procedure allows achieving a more even, aesthetic and durable coating. Even if it seems that the production has no problems with coloring and the coating gives the best possible result, it can always be ascertained with the help of professional instruments.

The tests available:

  • Film thickness
  • Finished film gloss and color
  • Adhesion level
  • Level of dispersion
  • Flexibility of coating
  • The reaction on impact
  • Confirmation of full cure cycle as recommended, etc.